Resources for Current Students

Download Software

To view a list of software available to all currently-enrolled VCU students under the VCU Student Software Bundle, please visit our Software section. There you will find information about software such as Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS, JMP, Maple, Mathematica, and many more!

Repair My Laptop

Is your laptop in need of repair? Did you know VCU has an on-campus laptop repair service (VCU fixIt) that students can use for Apple and Dell laptops?  For information about how to get your laptop repaired, viruses and malware removed, and for help with reinstalling the operating system, please visit our Repair a Laptop section.

Borrow a laptop

Waiting for your laptop to be repaired? Need to run Windows-only software to complete your assignments, but you only have a MacBook?

For more information about borrowing a laptop, please visit our Borrow a Laptop section. There you will find information about the requirements for borrowing a laptop as well as terms and conditions for usage of this service and the equipment provided. 

Note: Only currently-enrolled VCU students are eligible to borrow a loaner laptop. This service is not meant to serve as an alternative to buying your own laptop.  

Graduating soon?

Start preparing now so you can successfully backup your data from VCU services and be ready for graduation! It's important to evaluate whether you have files and other data stored using any of the online services VCU provides for students. Once you graduate, your access will be removed and those files and folders you once had access too will be gone.

For more information about which online services VCU provides access to, and whether you need to consider backing up your data from those services, please review the Graduating Student Technology Checklist.