New Students

New Student Technology Checklist

Prepare for your first semester at VCU by reviewing the recommendations and requirements for your school/college with respect to what type of computer to buy/bring, logging-on to the VCU Wireless network, which software titles you may need to install for use in your courses, navigating technology support resources and negotiating common pitfalls as a new student, and keeping your device up to date and secure.

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Buy/bring a laptop

All students at VCU are required to own a personal computer and a laptop is strongly recommended. To help assist you in your purchasing decision, or to evaluate whether your current laptop is up to par, we've created an easy-to-follow guide for new students. 

For more information about the requirements and recommendations including school/college/major specific information, please use the links below to navigate to our laptop purchasing page.

Login and get connected to VCU SafeNet Wireless

If you've already claimed your eID use the instructions below to get connected and login to the VCU SafeNet Wireless on-campus.

If you haven't claimed your eID yet, you'll need to visit the identity claim page to activate your eID and set up your account before you can connect and login to the VCU SafeNet wifi network.

To connect your laptop and other devices like your phone or tablet, please review the instructions at

Install software on your laptop

Use the links below to get access to the most common software and install on your laptop. If you get stuck and need help, please reach out to us by contacting the IT Support Center so we can assist you!

In addition to these core software applications available to VCU students, we strongly recommend that new students review the Getting Started with Canvas checklist to login and explore how Canvas works before the first day of classes. To get started with Canvas, visit

Bonus tip: Install the VCU Mobile app on your phone for access to view your course schedule, access online course content, reserve study rooms in the library, plus much more!

Navigate technology support resources

All students at VCU have access to a variety of technology support resources from remote consultations and 1:1 help, to in-person assistance at the VCU IT Support Center, as well as access to technology training programs, computer labs and maker-spaces, and so much more!

Visit our Get Help section to learn more about the most popular technology resources for VCU students. 

VCU also provides access to computers, printing, 3D printing/scanning, and a variety of other types of technology equipment and tools through our computer labs and makerspaces! Visit the Hardware section to learn more about these offerings. 

Keep your accounts and devices secure and up to date

As a new VCU student, there are a few things you'll need to do to ensure you can get signed-in to online VCU services such as eServices, Gmail, Canvas, Adobe, and other applications.

This includes setting up Duo for multi-factor authentication on your mobile phone (supports iOS and Android). To learn more about Duo at VCU, please visit

In addition to Duo, we strongly encourage all VCU students to review our Security page for additional insights, recommendations, and tips to stay safe online and protect your accounts and devices from a wide range of security threats.