Financial Aid

To determine if there are any sources of financial aid available for a computer purchase and to learn more about the services provided by the VCU Student Financial Services team, please visit their website at

VCU has built a one-time computer purchase allowance into the cost of attendance for all new freshmen and transfer students, which increases eligibility for financial aid. The allowance covers the minimum VCU computer specifications and is adjusted annually.

Adding an allowance to the student’s COA for a computer purchase does not necessarily mean financial aid funds will increase to cover the expense. If a student has already borrowed the maximum amount, is not eligible for a supplemental loan or does not have any remaining funding sources, there may be no financial aid to assist with the purchase of a computer.

We understand that technology equipment can be expensive and can have issues. If you need financial assistance to purchase a new laptop, are having trouble affording home internet access, or you need to purchase another type technology product to complete your coursework, we recommend that you reach out to the VCU Student Financial Services team. They offer financial counseling services to students to discuss expense planning, cost of attendance, and other factors to consider when applying for financial aid.